Executive search & strategic talent mapping powered by Rialto Talent Gateway

Searching out and securing top talent for business success

Top talent remains the biggest differentiator in the business world today. With increasing competition, new and emerging markets and brand-new sectors bringing both threats and opportunities, organisations need the very best people if they are to thrive and prosper.

Executive search and strategic talent mapping – Powered by Rialto Talent Gateway sets out to discover and deliver outstanding calibre individuals to clients. As well as having the right skill-set and experience, we ensure that they are the right fit in terms of culture, values and motivation.

The Rialto network provides access to an extensive range of senior talent covering all sectors and European regions. In addition, we have a proven research methodology to search out rare, hard-to-find talent.

We utilise a proven assessment methodology using market-leading psychometric tools, which is combined with stringent interviewing and in-depth market knowledge. Common to all search projects is ensuring the candidate has the skills and specific capabilities to deliver operational improvements for the client.

We take the following steps to ensure the individual makes a measurable impact after placement

  • Agree specific KPI’s and establish review meeting dates with the client covering the first six months of employment
  • Develop a suitable assimilation programme for the first 100 days to support executives establishing themselves into the new role
  • Provide appropriate performance coaching support for up to six months to underwrite performance guarantees.

Talent-mapping for the future

As well as meeting their immediate needs, we encourage clients to take a longer view to help future proof the company. We perform talent-mapping exercises and help to build talent pipelines for the future. This means organisations aren’t disrupted by the loss of key personnel nor do they need to rush into a recruitment decision when the time comes. The service typically includes:

  • Assessing future talent needs
  • Exploring whether current staff meet any of these needs
  • Devise a talent strategy to fill roles and skills gaps
  • Identify high potential future talent
  • Help to build a talent pipeline.

Increased competition also means increased rivalry for top talent. Having a three-, five- or even 10-plan enables organisations to predict what skills they will need. Rialto can then work with clients to devise a recruitment or training plan that keeps them ahead of the competition.

As well as having the right skill-set and experience, we ensure individuals are the right fit in terms of culture, values and motivation

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