Culture, digital and business transformation

Achieve new levels of success when implementing business transformations. Rialto AI-Consulting (AI-C) methods surface your most valuable goals and optimise stakeholder alignment when forming new strategies for growth.

Combining concepts from Harvard academics Professor Thomas Schelling (Game Theory) and Professor Chris Argyris (Action Science), SchellingPoint’s applied research into collaboration dynamics and Rialto consulting standards and practice, AI-C has transformed group’s path from “We each think this” to “We all agree to do that” to “We did it.”

Through streamlined consulting, you take the fewest steps ever to produce a credible and complete roadmap for cultural, digital, or business transformation. More than 400 projects have been successfully delivered worldwide including Fortune 500, FTSE 1000, SMEs and Government and Public Sectors.

To find out more about how AI-C is delivering a new level in cultural, digital and business transformations – read below or contact us

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