Change management

Change is the new constant and only certainty

Rialto is at the forefront in providing insights on transformational change, as evidenced by our coveted award as Transformation Consultancy of the Year. We co-shape solutions that re-define business strategy, leadership alignment, business models and people behaviours to ensure continued organisation impact and growth.

Political, social, economic, regulatory and technological changes are constantly affecting businesses, increasing the risk of failure through not adapting quickly enough.

For many years, Rialto have invested in devising alternative change management methodologies that hold unique IP including our award winning Transforming the Performance Culture (TPC) approach. Our change management methodologies assist organisations to achieve successful transformation with employees co-piloting change decisions. By involving, motivating and creating more valued collaborations between all stakeholders our methods seek to create a more agile, forward thinking environment for constant change and adaptation  Our aim is to transform performance with greater alignment and co-created change decisions.


Change Management best practice

The faster-paced business world and “change fatigue” is taking a toll. Many organisations struggle to achieve their overarching goals due to high levels of disengagement.  Many stakeholders do not share and don’t feel involved in the vision and aspirations of the senior leadership team (the great resignation very much still being with us).

Organisations are recognising that the adoption of a more open and humanised change strategy using a data driven approach provides a 14x more likely opportunity to achieve change success.

This requires leaders to step up differently as change agents and to embed change priorities into culture providing a valuable opportunity for both the company and employees to grow.

In contrast to top down change which has historically been framed as a complicated process that require employees to implement change plans led from the top, Rialto change management methods are designed to provide employees with the opportunity to learn new skills, innovate, and improve their professional lives.

Rather than making assumptions about where a company should pivot to or waiting until a change is absolutely necessary, the objective is for employees and leaders to use data to keep their eye on trends and make decisions proactively.

The average organisation that Rialto speaks to has undergone at least two core business changes in the last three years, with over 50 percent expecting to go through more change in the next 12 months

We have extensive knowledge and experience of co-shaping transformational change where organisations have been impacted by a range of factors. These include mergers, acquisitions, digital transformation, external market dynamics and new business model imperatives including new technologies, automation and AI options.


Increasing Change Management Success

Rialto sets out to involve and align a workforce, skills and behaviours with the overall mission and strategy of the organisation, therefore enabling increased productivity, innovation and improved performance. Our methods are proven in projects across the UK and Europe and can lead to a 70-80% step-up in performance and an average of 12% sales increase and 8% increase in profit. Programmes also typically deliver 25% improvement in agility, alignment and engagement.

Our methodology can be applied to help execute a desired business strategy or to reset the culture and capability of an organisation. Many clients have used it as an alternative to traditional change management approaches where it has proven to be far less disruptive than top down approaches in achieving required outcomes more quickly on time, on cost and on budget.

For organisations planning to restructure, our methodologies help to engage those employees that are the right fit for the organisation while facilitating a dignified self-selection exit option for those who aren’t.

Typical challenges that Rialto encounter and are able to address more quickly include:

  • The accelerating pace of change leaving some individuals behind
  • Individuals can develop coping strategies which ultimately lead to dysfunctional and disruptive behaviours
  • Individuals become ‘cannot do’ rather than ‘can do’ as they struggle to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Leaders do not have the skills to confront personal productivity issues that would lead to a step change in performance
  • Leaders fail to identify operational dependencies that are conjoined with individual change requirements impeding improvement practices that will deliver operational and cost benefits.

At a time when many businesses are having to re-shape and change strategy and business models as well as adapt and change product and service offerings, secure growth and improve customer experience; the scale of change increases the risk of the above occurring and, if left to fester, can have an extremely negative impact on performance and competitiveness.


Developing organisations that are fit for the future

All Rialto change management methodologies are based on the latest global research and success case studies. We offer organisations an open, inclusive and less painful way of adapting to new market conditions with benefits including:

  • Faster and more efficient execution of business tratgey
  • Creating a more customer-centric culture with greater agility
  • Revitalising and align individuals and teams to secure short-, medium- and long-term deliverables through increased performance in hybrid working environment
  • Retaining and engaging high performing and high potential employees and while facilitating the self-selected exit of those who will not or cannot engage with the emerging new world realities
  • Enabling leaders to take greater ownership and drive step changes in performance through the organisation
  • Protecting and enhancing reputation as an employer of choice and therefore increasing the chances of attracting rare talent
  • Identifying how to operationalise the espoused benefits of a change programme and create a culture of continuous performance improvement and lowered/realigned operating costs.

Change can be challenging for those working at every level of the organisation.  As we juggle more change initiatives (at a faster pace) than ever before, the need for new processes, new skills as well as new job roles, will continue to arise. Companies will find themselves having to change what they do and how they do it on a regular basis.

Rialto helps organisations transform so they can do the groundwork to become far more future-proof, shift to a more data focused, open approach that involves employees in decision making and supports everyone to continually adapt to what is happening around them.

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