‘Trusted operators’ need to polish digital leadership skills

‘Trusted operators’ need to polish digital leadership skills

There is a clear distinction between organisations that can be regarded at the “digital vanguard” and which have mastered digital strategy – and those that still have a long way to go, a new study suggests.

The 2018 global CIO survey released by Deloitte sets out to identify key trends among CIOs and explores how CIOs can shift from “trusted operators” to leading business growth and transformation in the digital era.

This year’s third and final report in the audit, consulting, tax and advisory services firm’s CIO legacy project, builds on two previous surveys of more than 1,200 global CIOs.

Remarkably, the survey found that 44 per cent of responding CIOs are neither actively involved in developing nor executing their organisation’s digital strategy, even though digital strategy is an increasingly critical part of business strategy as a whole.

Two-thirds of CIOs surveyed indicated that they did not have leadership roles in developing enterprise digital strategy.

Only a quarter of all respondents, regardless of role, indicated that they have an enterprise-wide digital strategy at all and Deloitte calls on CIOs to “take the reins”.

The report findings are consistent with a recent survey carried out by Rialto Consultancy which showed that many leaders lack the necessary skills and capabilities to move their organisations forward in an increasingly disruptive marketplace.

The Supercharge your leadership skills for the future research report found that one quarter of respondents do not feel sufficiently confident in their skills as leaders. The report revealed that the lack of confidence stems from a range of factors, including insufficient support, lack of relevant experience and a lack of opportunity to develop capabilities.

More than half of the CIOs surveyed by Deloitte are still focused on delivering “efficient, reliable information technology operations” rather being a catalyst for growth and transformation within their organisations.

To become a “vanguard CIO”, Deloitte recommends CIOs respond to the rapidly-changing digital world by looking inward and redefining their role; looking across and reimagining their IT organisations and talent; and looking beyond to rebalance their organisation’s technology capabilities as new innovations come to market.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of leadership at all levels of transformation,” said Kristi Lamar, managing director and experience leader in Deloitte Consulting’s CIO programme and co-author of the report.

“All CIOs can learn from the inward, across, and beyond framework to take stock of their organisation’s capabilities and challenges and move forward in an increasingly disruptive marketplace.”


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