The Science of Co-ordinated Action

The Science of Co-ordinated Action

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Successful collaborations drive the success, advancement, performance, and growth of organisations. However, only 8% of polled business leaders say their collaborations achieve outcomes on-time, on-cost, and on- benefit. This waste is the Cost of Collaboration, and comprises the needless costs associated with poor meetings, misalignment, rework, avoidable delay, secondary saviour projects, and the difference between what a group actually realises and the original stated aims.

The methodology that underpins our Augmented Intelligence-Consulting (AI-C) programmes was developed in response to the reoccurring question in business of why groups of intelligent, knowledgeable, and well-meaning professionals continue to fail so often to successfully form and work around a shared business imperative. The presence of a universal collaboration process to enable reliable, predictable, and efficient collaborations was the research hypothesis.  What was found was a common gap in knowledge of how to facilitate a collaboration from identification of a new need to sustained positive impact. Beginning with identifying what needs to be discussed, in what sequence to have the discussions, through how to conduct them, collaboration leaders have until now used self-learned methods. AI-C’s research, applied to over three-hundred different collaborations in a myriad of industries and contexts, reframes the approach to leading a group endeavour that leads to project success faster, with greater alignment and with desired results.

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