Supercharge Your Leadership

Supercharge Your Leadership

Constant change and unpredictability in the business world over the past decade means that the only certainty for leaders is yet more uncertainty.


To help equip leaders to face future challenges, Rialto has embarked on a 10-year research project in which we invite participants to discuss the future capabilities and skillsets they think will be important based on experiences of current and future trends.


The research feeds into the Rialto Accelerated Leadership Index (RALI), which enables leaders to benchmark their capabilities and skillsets. This year over 250 leaders have contributed to the project.


In this white paper, we feedback findings around five key leadership capabilities that have emerged in our research.

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A fresh take on leadership for the 21st century

Ensuring individuals are fit for the future as leaders is as much about challenging notions of leadership in the past…

White Paper
Accelerating the need for Whitewater Leadership

Rialto held a series of high level, round table forums on Whitewater Leadership during 2010. The panel were a carefully selected group of leading CEO’s, COO’s, Directors, Senior Executives and HR Leaders, drawn from organisations from both the public and private sectors.

C-suite must transform leadership styles to engage ‘supergroup’

Already challenged C-suite leaders are facing intense pressure from an emerging ‘supergroup’ of employees and consumers that demands a fresh…

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