Individual Engagement: Organisational Success

Individual Engagement: Organisational Success

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The culture of an organisation is driven by the behaviours that exist within it. Improving performance requires change. All change is derived from individuals and teams within an organisation changing some element of their behaviour – which therefore automatically shifts the culture.

The speed and traction of change (and therefore any improvement) is driven in large part by how willing and able people are to execute upon it. Improving performance is therefore made easier, more effective and more sustainable the stronger the level of employee engagement. Performance can be directly correlated to the level of engagement that exists within that organisation.

Engagement is NOT something that is simply ‘DONE’ to people from on high. Sure, Leadership must work hard at it, but engagement by its very nature needs to be seen as something integral to the business rather than a strategy to deliver performance. Engagement is something that is driven and grasped at all levels in the business.

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