Delivering High Performance and Making an Impact in a Work-from-Home World

Delivering High Performance and Making an Impact in a Work-from-Home World

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Despite optimism that a vaccine for Covid-19 is likely start to roll out in early 2021, if not sooner, remote working remains as the standard for business in 2020 and looks increasingly likely to be widespread in early 2021.

In countries like Australia Covid-19 cases recorded are close to zero and hybrid working is part of the new Covid-19 business norm across many organisations. Leaders have no choice but to learn how to overcome the challenges of operating and succeeding in this new way, in order to get the most from themselves and their teams to generate maximum impact.

Given these circumstances, how are individuals and teams continuing to make an impact, what does high performance look like? And how can organisations ensure they continue to grow and transform in an increasingly disruptive world?

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