How to Create High Performing Teams

How to Create High Performing Teams

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Organisations are constantly seeking new ways to ensure their management and employees are more productive and their businesses are more profitable.

Many companies have created rigorous strategic plans that don’t come close to delivering the required outcomes. According to research, the average team achieves only 63% of the objectives of their strategic plans.(Source: Harvard Business Review 2005).

The key issues of a high performance team include, how well the team communicates, aligns itself around top initiatives, creates short term/long-term plans and holds themselves accountable to deliver the required results.

Rialto approaches team development and effectiveness in the context of an organisations vision, mission and business goals. We build leadership and management capability at all levels of the organisation ensuring that unique team attributes and skills are aligned towards achieving desired business results.

We utilise models and practices that successfully address teamwork, emotional intelligence, networking, influencing others, improving team performance and managing difficult conversations through effective coaching  and talent assessment techniques.

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