Rapid scenario planning

Making the right decisions for future growth opportunities

The complex and fast-paced operating environments demand organisations to be nimble and fleet of foot. Many opportunities for growth and expansion exist but day-to-day pressures and/or a scarcity of resources mean they cannot all be followed up. Organisations need to be able to quickly, efficiently and reliably determine the highest value opportunities.

Rapid scenario planning is a methodology that enables rapid decision-making based on data-driven insights which identify how to extract best value from growth opportunities. This enables teams to prioritise and act with clarity and a common rationale.

Data and rigour at every stage of the process

The core methodology underpinning rapid scenario planning is a stage-gate process. At each stage more data and rigour is applied. The four stages are:

  • Identify growth hypothesis
  • Scope out each potential growth opportunity
  • Review, prioritise and validate growth opportunities
  • Develop go-to-market plans to capture value

Rialto engages key stakeholders early on in the process to filter down the opportunities that will deliver most value. The methodology is aimed at driving a consensus through a common framework for why decisions are being made.

Activities and outputs

Each stage involves a number of activities. These include workshops, stakeholder interviews and creating the evaluation framework at the hypothesis stage; assessing markets and competitors, modelling and developing SWOT and summary for each opportunity at the scoping stage; design, execution and analysis of the primary research activities at the validation stage; and identifying objectives and capability requirements, resourcing and budgeting at the planning stage.

Outputs from these activities include  a “long list” and a prioritised list of potential growth opportunities, a documented diagnostic for each hypothesis, a high-level business case for each opportunity, an outline of value proposition for each growth opportunity and plans for alignment around the main action steps from all key stakeholders.

In these uncertain and unpredictable times, organisations need a structured and evidence-based way to make the right decisions regarding future business opportunities. The Rialto rapid scenario planning service is designed to provide this and in turn helps organisations to pursue ambition growth plans.


In these uncertain and unpredictable times, organisations need a structured and evidence-based way to make the right decisions

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