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Leadership is changing fast. With the day-to-day pressures of running an organisation, ensuring skills and knowledge are up-to-date simply hasn’t been a priority for many leaders. However, in today’s fast-paced operating environment those who leave their skills to stagnate risk not just failure in their current role but a costly drop in their market value.

Research carried out by Rialto found that one quarter of executives who responded didn’t feel sufficiently confident in their skills as future leaders. Root causes of such feelings included a lack of relevant experience and a lack of opportunity to develop these capabilities.

To address these issues and help leaders stay relevant and competitive, Rialto has developed the Rialto Accelerated Leadership Index (RALI).

RALI: the benchmark for leadership success

RALI is an award-winning revolutionary new leadership benchmarking resource that uses real-time data to profile and assess the alignment of a leader’s current capability and experience to future market needs and to those of their competitors.

RALI is the result of more than five years’ extensive global research and is based on insight and trends that reveal what capabilities and experiences are required as a future leader. The research is backed up by interviews with executives in leading organisations across a range of sectors.

RALI enables leaders to:

  • obtain a robust, valid, and reliable view of participants current visible leadership capabilities, benchmarked against peers and future market needs
  • clarify and prioritise leadership capability and experience areas to develop to improve performance, profile and positioning in a target marketplace
  • identify and mitigate key risks of future career decision-making to accelerate desired career key performance indicators (reward, engagement, challenge, growth etc)
  • gain critical insights to define their evolving brand
  • access career trajectory scenario planning tools.

Ongoing capability assessment

Because RALI maps the market to deliver real-time intelligence, leaders can continually assess their relevance and discover skills and knowledge gaps that can then be addressed.

It maps out key development priorities enabling them to stay ahead of peers and remain relevant to future market needs. RALI also supports organisations to build a continually relevant pipeline of leadership talent at all levels.

Without access to real-time information and insight, it is impossible for leaders and organisations to accurately benchmark themselves against the best but RALI makes it possible.

For more information visit http://www.ralionline.com/


RALI is the result of more than five years’ extensive global research and is based on insight and trends that reveal the capabilities and experiences required as a future leader

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