Leadership and team development

Transforming the skills and behaviours of the top team to ensure business success

A raft of factors are converging to bring some of the biggest leadership challenges of our time: economic uncertainty, political instability, digital disruption and transformation, emerging markets and sectors, the always on 24/7customer as well as the dawning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Added to this, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and predictive analytics are presenting organisations with both opportunities and threats.

All of this is driving unprecedented change in the world of business and organisations need to be more innovative, agile, responsive and flexible if they are to compete. This requires transformational and at times disruptive capabilities on the part of leaders and their teams.


Future-focused  leadership development programmes

The Rialto leadership and team development programmes have been put together with this challenging business backdrop very much in mind. They are designed to help leaders:

  • identify the opportunities and threats on the business landscape and turn them to their advantage
  • identify where disruption is taking place in the market and move more quickly than competitors
  • manage complexity and uncertainty with confidence
  • continue to adapt, evolve and grow within continually changing market conditions.


Making a collective impact to achieve lasting results

As well as individual leaders, Rialto also works with organisations to build cohesive, high-performing teams that achieve lasting results. We help to identify what type of leadership team they have and how they can support the future of the business. There are five core types of leadership teams:

  • the transformational team
  • the innovative team
  • the entrepreneurial team
  • the business-as-usual team
  • the pragmatic team.

We review objectives and assess what skills are needed to achieve them. This can mean challenging the focus of the team and individual members. The whole team and their skills must be aligned with the corporate mission if they are to deliver business growth.

If individuals understand how and where they can make the greatest impact, a top team can realise their goals and objectives far more rapidly.

Team dynamic, cohesiveness and culture are as important and, based on our expertise and experience, we provide leaders with a framework they can use to have open conversations about outputs, which ultimately helps to drive change and better decision-making.

Such challenging times require leaders and leadership teams to confront transformation and disruption head-on. They must devise and implement strategies to drive change that will ensure they remain fit for the future. Rialto is committed to helping organisations build great leaders who in turn can build and motivate great teams.

The whole team and their skills must be aligned with the corporate mission if they are to deliver business growth

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