Employee advocacy and personal branding

An employee advocacy programme, supporting employees in targeted personal branding activity, builds trust, engagement and increased personal and organisational visibility. Organisations are able to tap into potentially powerful networks that attract new business opportunities, attract new talent and help to build reputation and standing.

Harness the power of employee advocacy to build a personal brand for your employee advocates

Most employees often possess untapped and potentially powerful professional and personal networks, full of potential new customers, business leads and talent. Without a structured employee advocacy programme, these often remain out of reach.

An employee advocate or ambassador creates positive feelings and reactions towards a brand through their actions, behaviour and the insights they might share both online but also when active in conferences and similar networks.

Rialto assists organisations to implement a multi-faceted and robust employee advocacy programme that will access these opportunities providing customers and prospects with real, meaningful interaction.  Employees use our expertise to ensure such programmes provide benefit in terms of career progression, a stronger personal brand and expanded networks within relevant industries

The Rialto employee advocacy and personal branding programme includes:

  • supporting an individual to develop and keep their social and professional profiles up-to-date and relevant
  • helping to create and amplify relevant, impactful and thought-provoking content;
  • strategic advice on which channels are optimal to disseminate content;
  • support to follow up with offline activities such as speaking at and chairing events.

The strength of a programme focussed on employee advocacy lies in its authenticity: the messages originate from the employee and are not corporate-speak. Rialto can help preserve this authenticity as well as ensure the right tone of voice.

Rialto has a strong track record in helping individuals to position themselves as thought leaders and experts in their sector or industry.   We help employees to assess how they are perceived, establish what their brand says about them and provide advice on how they can expand their networks.

Employee advocacy programmes represent a relatively low-cost brand marketing as the content-sharing channels are most often free and also a great motivator as the individual feels the company is investing in them.

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