AI Leaders Programme

Rialto have found that those businesses that had the foresight and the capabilities to adopt early, are reaping the benefits of AI, machine learning, automation, and big data analytics. Others are beginning to catch up and are accelerating their digital strategies to cope with and thrive beyond the pandemic. Then there are laggards, those companies who are resistant to change, ill-prepared, or unwilling to adapt. Such businesses will be faced with the decision to adapt or fall behind, as their competitors undergo digital transformations and their customers’ expectations evolve as AI & Automation becomes increasingly integrated into all areas of their lives.

Rialto have found that most often, it is a lack of understanding among business leaders about what AI can do and how to scale the use of AI effectively and ethically that is leading to organisations who fail to act swiftly to accelerate to keep up. Research reveals that those using AI are outperforming those that are not by between 11-15 per cent. In the face of current unprecedented economic and political uncertainty, UK businesses can now more than ever ill-afford to pass up this boost.

The Rialto AI Leaders Programme is designed to enable you and your organisation to stay ahead and to focus on delivering the value and the latest skills which many customers – and employees – now demand.


The Programme comprises 3 elements:

1. Membership of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for AI (APPG AI)

This is a highly valuable opportunity to shape the future with AI. It will allow you to participate in regular zoom calls in Parliament and hear exclusive evidence from eminent global advisors and to network virtually (and eventually live again) with business leaders and global executives of major corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, politicians/peers including Lord Tim Clement-Jones and other politicians as well as policy makers etc.

2. Detailed, virtual executive briefings on AI trends

These briefings will cover strategy, proofs of concept, key vendors, macro issues and more. Held by various leaders including Katie King, published author on AI, APPG AI & Enterprise adoption of AI member, consultant and Keynote speaker.

3. An informative twice-yearly summary report of key AI trends and adoption rates globally


Rialto is on the Permanent Advisory Board to UK Government on AI alongside Microsoft, IBM, PwC , KPMG , Deloitte and are previous winners of the Consultancy of the Year and Leadership Development and Transformation & Coaching Consultancy of the Year Award

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