Financial services job market index – November

Financial services job market index – November

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Executive Summary

There is no silver bullet when it comes to measuring demand in the U.K. financial services job market.

Over the years we have looked at everything from indices from recruitment agencies, aggregated job board data as well as government/ONS data. All of them are useful indicators but fail to offer an accurate reflection of what’s happening across Financial Services as well as individual and significant sub-sectors.

The City Career LAB & Rialto job market index captures data directly from corporate careers sites as a way of measuring jobs activity – specifically demand. It’s not perfect, but is perhaps the most accurate indicator of hiring demand in the U.K. financial services jobs market.

Each month we collect and analyse data from a broad and diverse basket of handpicked employers that represent a particular sub-sector of Financial Services in the U.K. These results which include all permanent and fixed term contract positions across all functions of the chosen organisations will be published on our website and LinkedIn – to show and explain the direction of the hiring market(s) from month to month.


Our observations this month include:

  •  Whilst the index fell this month, a fall of 3% is far from spectacular and doesn’t signal any shift of behaviour amongst employers.
  • The big faller this month was Banking & Markets (-9%) , and the only risers were Insurance (3%) and Fintech (2%).
  • There continues to be a significant drop off in Year-on-Year demand with the volume of open roles down 48% from the same time last year, which whilst still significant, has at least narrowed from 56% last month.
  • A benign set of results overall that signal a slow end to a slow year on the hiring front.

As a reminder – the Job Market Index is intended to be the most accurate read on hiring demand in the UK financial services sector.


The indicators show:

Banking & Markets: Corporate & Investment Banking, Markets, Securities Services (excl. Consumer/retail) -9%
Investment management: Asset Management, Alternatives -3%
Insurance: General, Life, Reinsurance, Broking +3%
Wealth & Private Banking -3%
Fintech: Banking, Lending, Payments, Insurtech, Crowdfunding +2%
Information Services: Data Providers, Ratings Agencies, Risk -2%

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