Postponed due to Covid19 : Utilising AI to increase the speed and success of your next transformation project

Fri 27th Mar 2020 - 12:00pm

Chancery Lane


Due to the restrictions on activity due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all events that were due to take place in April and May 2020 will be postponed.  If you would like to discuss any of the topics please contact a member of the Rialto team on 07768 713 293 or 020 3043 8640.  Keep well.

AI is transforming work.  

Key AI developments include:  

  • In 2019, $30bn was invested in AI worldwide 
  • Businesses experiencing growth of 10%+ are more likely to adopt AI for decision-making processes 
  • 40% of high growth companies are actively implementing AI
  • Half of high-growth businesses plan to implement AI in the next year 

Source: Cognitionx 

This now that includes how organizational change and transformation is designed and executed. 

Forward thinking companies are already implementing AI at an increasing pace.  Rialto AI-C is changing the game for critical decision-making, is truly unique and assures unparalleled stakeholder alignment behind high impact agreed priorities to secure outcomes-based goals more efficiently and effectively. 

Based on Harvard Business School research, the Rialto AI-C software has changed how strategies, transformation programmes and change initiatives, large and small (400+ projects have been executed), are being designed and conducted.  Delegates will learn: 

  • Successful case studies including culture change, product/service innovation, and digital transformation 
  • Where AI-enabled projects differ from the conventional (1980’s) management methods still being used by most organizations and consultancies today  

Our AI-C solution has delivered alignment to teams from 4 to 15,100 staff in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional consulting and with less risk. 

Benefits of Rialto AI-C: 

  • Increases accuracy and speed of decision making focused on securing business outcomes 
  • Accelerates a culture of greater collaboration of learning  
  • Successfully processes vast amounts of data efficiently and precisely 
  • Drives intelligent productivity and empowers staff to focus their time, energy and brain power on issues which matter 
  • Delivers succinct solutioning and road map development through collaborative design accelerating alignment to solving of key business challenges 

Learn how your next transformation can produce stronger results sooner, for less effort and risk with Rialto AI-C. 

You are invited to attend if you are a: 

C-Level Director,  Business Leader,,  HR Director,  Change Leader, or a Sales & Commercial Director 

 The forum is held in complete confidence (under Chatham House rules) and will assist you to further innovate, develop, enhance and transform your business. 




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