The Future of Work

Tue 4th Oct 2022 - 10:00am

‘The pace of change has never been this fast….. 

…..and yet it will never be this slow again.’ Justin Trudeau WEF


The world is changing and changing at an ever-faster rate.  What seemed like science fiction only a decade ago today seems almost dated.  On the one hand, increasing life expectancy means we cannot afford to retire until our 70’s or even 80’s, and yet, on the other hand, the Bank of England Chief Economist states that 15m jobs within the UK are at risk of automation.  How does a 50 or 60 year career even begin to make sense?

Whilst individually that may be challenging, everything is changing for organisations as well.  Globalisation, technology, brands, changing consumer choices, politics are all threatening business with increasing disruption and competitors seemingly coming from nowhere overnight.  It is all up in the air, it is all happening at once and it is happening to all of us.  From any perspective whether personal or corporate, we need to understand what is happening and prepare ourselves for what is coming next during or post Covid-19.

In this session we will be sharing the six global megatrends that are creating and redefining the world of work.  We will provide answers to ‘so what does that all mean, how can we adapt our organisations and our careers?’   For every answer offered we will show you where it is already taking hold, after all, the science fiction writer William Gibson said 30 years ago ‘The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.’

‘The Future of Work’ is designed to stretch your imagination and unlock the value of your people  and achieve increased impact and performance.

By attending this session you will appreciate how the world is changing and how these changes will impact you.  We will outline how you can future proof your organisation and your career and be prepared for what is coming next.

Learning objectives:

  • Appreciate the 6 global megatrends (urbanisation, technology, demography, globalisation, climate and politics)
  • Know how these trends will each influence you and the future world of work
  • Understand the 12 insights into how organisations and employees can respond to these trends to future-poof themselves
  • Have real-world examples of where each of these 12 factors are already playing out

Feedback from a recent attendee stated:

“This was the best speaker I have heard.  Very relevant content weaved skillfully into a magnificent talk with a good balance between visioning and practicality.  Superb delivery. I can’t think of any way Russell would improve his session and would urge others to attend your events if they get the opportunity.”

Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, HR Directors, Line Managers, Change Leaders, Senior HR Managers, OD Practitioners and Leadership Development Specialists.

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