Postponed due to Covid19: The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

Fri 17th Apr 2020 - 12:00pm

Chancery Lane

Due to the restrictions on activity due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all events that were due to take place in April and May 2020 will be postponed.  If you would like to discuss any of the topics please contact a member of the Rialto team on 07768 713 293 or 020 3043 8640.  Keep well.

In the AI, smart device and infrastructure era most companies will become technology or data enabled companies having been forced to rethink their business model in response to new competitive drivers such as intelligent networks, AI, robotics, 3D printing, autonomous systems – collectively ‘Industry 4.0’ or the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Making this shift – ‘business’ or ‘digital’ transformation – brings with it an array of unknowns each promising significant impact on the way businesses interact and serve their customers and how they organise themselves to meet those customer needs.  This is creating both excitement and uncertainty amongst employees as new opportunities present themselves but equally fear of job areas being replaced and a lack of understanding of what behaviours and capabilities will be required.

Today’s leaders and decision-makers, however, are too often trapped in traditional, linear thinking, or too absorbed by the multiple crises demanding their attention, to think strategically about the forces of disruption and the transformation needed to shape their organisation’s successful future.  And that’s where leadership 4.0 can play a big and important part of how future success can be secured.

The fourth industrial revolution is about agility.  All employees, not only the technical, digital and engineering teams, will need to be able to analyse data and respond fast with their predictions and decisions across the business.  Teams won’t be fixed but instead formed from the skills required for that cross-functional project.  This will require exceptional organisational and delegation skills from leaders who understand where those talents are and how to distribute tasks according to competence and greatest impact.

Effective leaders in the 4IR will be responsible for the continuously changing interaction between technologies, machines and people, whilst nurturing ongoing knowledge-share, skills development, collaboration and innovation. Leadership will no longer require a one fits all model but foster a transparent, creative culture that can bend and move as change and situations dictate.

Join our leadership lunch to understand how organisations are changing their learning frameworks and models to ensure their employees are fit to lead in the 4IR world.  Our leadership development approach is designed to help organisations

Calibrate: where the current capabilities and impact of their team sits

Adapt: discover whether they need to adapt their style/self-belief and leadership mindset

Collaborate – work within a collaborative learning framework to develop their own capabilities and the capabilities of their peers/colleagues

Learn – recognise that ‘Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other’ (JFK)

We will share how collaborative frameworks and models including Align+ and the Game Changing Index can calibrate leadership development needs and strengths to quickly establish where an organisation needs to focus to gain the greatest impact to transform and grow successfully .

There’s no doubt that Industry 4.0 is bringing wide ranging technological change but this is also an exciting time for the evolution of how individuals and teams can work and interact successfully with technology  and each other in order to thrive in the future

You are invited to attend if you are a: 

C-Level Director,  Business Leader,,  HR Director,  Change Leader, or a Sales & Commercial Director 

 The forum is held in complete confidence (under Chatham House rules) and will assist you to further innovate, develop, enhance and transform your business. 




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