Leading with Effective Communication

Thu 7th Mar 2024 - 10:00am

We live in a new world of evolving expectations, atomised attention spans, information overload and accelerated news cycles. This has made it harder than ever to deliver ‘communication cut-through’. But, it has also created new opportunities for leaders who are up for re-crafting their communication skills and doing things differently.

Over 80% of employees expect organisational leaders to have a voice on the big issues of the day[1]. So innovative approaches to building visibility and impact set the tone for how you are viewed and perceived; they are a real ‘feel-breaker’.

Recent research also underlines the sheer extent of increasing workplace anxiety[2] and the role that pitch-perfect internal communication plays in reassuring, guiding and lifting those around you.

Within this context, the aim of this one-hour session is to understand the fundamentals to cranking up both internal and external communication skills, by:

  • Boosting voice and visibility – Learning from other organisational leaders and creating a game-plan for radically enhanced internal recognition and external profile;
  • Identifying ‘content mines’ – Being clear on what topical areas and types of content you can use to demonstrate expertise, build influence and nurture peer networks;
  • Mastering the art of public speaking – Delivering high-impact presentations and making every platform count (including the virtual ones);
  • Cutting through with high-impact written comms – Finding your pitch and tone of voice, energising social channels and creating next-level internal and external engagement;
  • Making active listening a superpower – Using listening skills to refocus content and tone and fuel continuous improvement;
  • Managing crisis comms – Developing ‘communication agility’ and dealing with moments of truth.

Join Tom as he shares insight into his comprehensive good practice communication compendium.  His global network and live experience as a Campaigns Director provide unique insight and practical support on unleashing a communication breakthrough.


Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, HR Directors, Line Managers, Change Leaders, Senior HR Managers, OD Practitioners and Leadership Development Specialists.



[1] Edelmans 2023 Trust Barometer

[2] Youth Employment UK Youth Voice Census

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