Key aspects of AI in Business and what to look for?

Thu 24th Nov 2022 - 10:00am

AI adoption by companies has increased by about 300% over the last 4 years. In a post-COVID world, there will be an even-greater acceleration of AI adoption by enterprises. There will be a rise in industry and sector specific AI applications where business domain knowledge and business content data are the main differentiators.

The top business reasons for adopting AI are competitive advantage, new market/ business development and cost reduction. AI business applications will be centred around automating tasks, forecasting supply disruptions, and enhancing customer behavioural analytics.

This session will explore:

  • Current state of AI application and deployment in business
  • Current challenges and opportunities
  • The next 2-year AI trends and developments
  • How to leverage the power of AI to be a market leader

The session will include the latest AI trends and business use cases covering several sectors including: financial services, retail, construction and supply chains.


Next steps:

Attending this webinar will entitle you to a free 15 min coaching session with Dr Djamila Amimer to discuss range of AI opportunities, strategies and proof of concept applications that are relevant to your business.

By Invitation only

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