Insurance Deep Dive: leveraging technology to find new ways of monetising users, and facilitate user engagement

Wed 29th Jan 2020 - 5:00pm


“Insurers need to move at the same pace as the InsurTech innovators to adapt to new business models and methods of delivery”

Insurance is one of the oldest and most traditional industries, and until recently it has proved fairly resistant to change. In the last few years, growing numbers of tech startups have emerged and started to encroach on the territory of the big players. U.K. Insurtech in particular has seen a surge in activity and a sharp increase in fundraising. Last year it attracted more than $1 billion in investment.*

The accelerated use of technology in the insurance sector is having both a disruptive and transformative impact on areas including monetisation strategies, product development, distribution, modelling, underwriting, claims, and administrative practice. Some players are set on displacing the industry incumbents, others are working with the leading insurance firms as they transition to the age of digital innovation. Join us at this leadership event to see how Urban Jungle (an Insurtech start up), is shaking up the industry with innovative products, services and business models.

At this leadership event, delegates will gain the following insights:

  • The current state and trends in the insurance industry
  • Monetisation strategies
  • How Urban Jungle pinpointed what in the traditional insurance was flawed and the issues that needed fixing
  • The story of building new products which work much faster, more intuitively and which remove many customer pain-points
  • How Trustpilot ratings are a key factor in determining which insurance product to use (Urban Jungle has 8/5)
  • An overview of the disruptive InsurTech growth trends
  • How and why tech is being increasingly used to buy, manage and better understand insurance products for renters

In addition, delegates will be briefed on an expanding partnership model as an effective route to market and reasons that partners choose to work with Urban Jungle, including:

  • Generating a recurring passive revenue stream for partners
  • Seamlessly binding APIs, making for an effortless integration
  • Rounding out partner propositions to help solve customer problems
  • Gaining Insights into new customer centric pricing models driving growth


  • Reception: Drinks and Networking – 30 mins
  • Insurance Industry Landscape: Trends and models for monetization – 30 mins
  • Investors: What do investors look for in InsurTech startups – 30 mins
  • Market places / Cultural change from engagement thinking to conversion thinking – 30 mins

About Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle is a B2C and B2B2C Fintech, offering contents, buildings and gadget insurance to renters and homeowners. Urban Jungle are underwritten by Munich Re and have a score of 4.8/5 on Trustpilot. Some of their largest B2B partners include Monzo, Credit Ladder, ClearScore and numerous others. Urban Jungle was founded in 2016 and has raised £4m from investors so far.

Jimmy Williams  ( Urban Jungle CEO )

Jimmy co-founded Urban Jungle in 2016 after being constantly frustrated with how hard insurance is to buy, how expensive it is, and how difficult it is to make a claim. He has set out to build a team capable of turning the industry on its head.  Jimmy’s background is in consulting, where he worked with various insurers, tech providers in financial services, and price comparison sites as a Principal at OC&C. He also worked in various other parts of retail, media and B2C tech, which allowed him to see just how far insurance is behind the curve.

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Saka Nuru (Urban Jungle- Partnerships)

Saka is Urban Jungle’s Partnerships Lead.  His experience includes working with corporations to introduce commercially viable products and services through innovation and market insights. His experience includes Strategy and Business Development across three continents in the technology, e-commerce/retail and engineering sectors.

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