Harnessing AI for competitive advantage

Tue 20th Apr 2021 - 10:00am

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just smart speakers, self-driving cars, and handy robots. This disruptive technology is reshaping industries, improving efficiency, delivering better customer experiences, and bringing massive benefits in every sector.

Research has shown that those organisations who had the foresight to adapt early are outperforming those that did not by between 11-15%. With a predicted doubling of global AI investment to an estimated $110bn by 2024, the impacts of this technology can no longer be ignored. The time has come for leaders to get ahead of the curve and for businesses to sink and get left behind or adapt and swim.

For many years, AI was a product of popular fiction. This has warped the perceptions and understanding that many may have about AI.

Many leaders have appreciated that AI is increasingly a friend to business, not a foe.

An unclear view of the potential of AI leads many business leaders to struggle with where to begin.

This 45-minute briefing session will separate fact from fiction and bring you up to speed with AI, its capabilities and track record to date, together with future predictions.

The session is designed for leaders who are exploring what AI can do for their business or considering adopting AI in their organisation and are looking for critical AI insights, major benefits, the latest global adoption rates, ROI case studies from around the world, key vendors, and the latest news.


The briefing would be led by Katie King whose credentials include:

  1. A profile of successfully using AI in digital sales & marketing to secure hyper growth across most sectors
  2. Written a bestselling book Using AI in Marketing to maintain the competitive edge (Published by Kogan Page). View here Katie’s Using AI in Marketing book
  3. 30 years’ experience in the field & currently writing her 2nd book on adoption of AI in business amongst global brands etc.
  4. Advised for example; BT, Cisco, Alcatel, Orange, Microsoft, IBM, Virgin, O2, Accenture, PA, Huawei, Harrods and Arsenal FC etc. alongside numerous SMEs
  5. Delivered TEDx talks and is a global keynote speaker & a frequent commentator on the BBC and Radio

By Invitation only

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