Postponed due to Covid19: Future-proofing businesses with human-centric automation

Wed 6th May 2020 - 12:00pm

Chancery Lane

Due to the restrictions on activity due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all events that were due to take place in April and May 2020 will be postponed.  If you would like to discuss any of the topics please contact a member of the Rialto team on 07768 713 293 or 020 3043 8640.  Keep well.

“Can we reframe the education, the research and dialogue of AI and technology in a human-centered way?”

– Fei Lei Lei, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University

This Rainbird-hosted event explores how AI and automation can gain the trust and long term investment that it requires to fulfill its transformative potential for business.

In-keeping with recent EU Commission ethical AI guidelines, the path to a generation of AI-powered decision-makers includes:

  • Business-friendly systems, configurable without the need for data scientists or
  • Scalable technology that businesses can grow and modify as their markets
  • Transparent and auditable automation, explainable to regulators and customers

“The problem of needing to be able to amplify and bring some consistency to human
judgement and decision-making in organisations is solvable through human-centric AI.”

Find your use case

Prepare to identify pain points in your given industry or organisation, and use your expertise to map out a Rainbird solution.

How do we ensure that AI adheres to our moral and regulatory standards? Transparency is the key.

Who should attend?

C-Suite leaders, CMO/Marketing Directors, Change, Innovation and L&D Leaders, Line Managers,

Entrepreneurs – but beyond titles, anyone interested in how to leverage AI and automation for long term, sustainable and ethical growth.

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