AI Unleashed: Harness the Power of Your Information

Thu 18th Apr 2024 - 9:00am

With AI set to dominate business and leader discussions in 2024, those leaders that fail to create a robust data strategy and adopt good data governance risk not achieving lasting ROI and competitive agility.

Companies need a strategic and disciplined approach to acquiring, growing, refining, safeguarding and deploying data to improve the maturity of their enterprise data lifecycle as a perquisite for success with AI (Accenture, 2023).

Leaders around the world are adopting a proactive approach to data management, emphasising awareness and understanding across the organisation. This shift frames data and analytics as a product that drives growth and innovation to manage risk and reduce costs (Gartner, 2023).

Join this 45-minute webinar with speaker Ben Meade, Director of Ringfence and expert in the field of data strategy and governance  – including how this should be extended to AI  – where we will delve into the key factors that should be on every executive’s radar when deciding which data creates the most business value, and how to effectively safeguard and manage this increasingly invaluable asset.


Webinar takeaways

  1. A clear understanding of how good data strategy and governance underpins your fundamental value generation activities and can directly improve your performance & outcomes.
  2. Insights into what you need to ensure your ‘information fitness’ for the modern, digital world – including AI adoption.
  3. Practical tips for ensuring good data governance that link in and align with your wider vision, strategy and risk appetite.
  4. Access to expert knowledge for personalised advice during the Q&A session.


Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, Entrepreneurs, HR Directors, Line Managers, Change Leaders, Leadership Development Specialists.

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