Achieve AI led strategic alignment to deliver critical business initiatives

“Several data sources from leading institutes state that more than 50% – and up to as many as 84% – of business transformations fail to achieve their intended outcomes”

Join Rialto to learn how AI for strategic decision-making is accelerating leaders to secure high impact outcomes-based goals.

To remain competitive and execute agile strategies, organisations must accelerate the pace of building critical alignment and ownership.  Leaders can now accelerate new competitive advantages through the utilisation of AI to secure growth strategies, transformation, new target operating models, innovation, M & A integrations and more.

However, none of this is possible if leaders and stakeholders aren’t able to to come together around a shared topic and quickly align and act as ‘We’.

Successful organisations in the future will be more collaborative in designing agile goals and plans which are viable and genuinely endorsed and will thus enjoy more rapid implementation.

Facilitators Michael Taylor and George Mystkowski will walk you through the Rialto AI driven & outcomes focussed Rialto Advanced Management Consulting (RAMC) methodology which has already changed the game for a number of our clients in navigating their unique agenda’s.


Key take-aways & learning will focus upon how RAMCS:

  • Accelerates the assembling of strategies and plans which don’t just feel right but are right (technical integrity) with minimal human bias & optimal alignment
  • Strengthens leaders to make better decisions with 50% of the effort when compared with traditional methods.

This session will include a simulation of our AI led RAMC (please bring your smartphone or tablet) 

About the Rialto Advanced Management Consulting System (RAMC)

  • RAMCS provides a first mover advantage to organisations set on getting ahead of the curve to cut through enormous amounts of available data and deliver strategic goals with maximum team engagement through leveraging AI & Automation
  • This unique solution is based on the work of Harvard Professors – Chris Argyris and Nobel prize recipient Professor Thomas Schelling


  • 200+ projects globally e.g. Assisted a global client meet three-year goals in one year and another client reduced their time to action from months to weeks.
  • Utilised by FTSE 250, Fortune 50 and SME’s across all sectors in the US & UK
  • Backed by research in relational network analysis

Benefits of AI & digital outcomes-based decision making;

  • Increases accuracy /speed of decision making focused on outcomes
  • Succinct solution and road map development, fuller engagement
  • Projects are more genuinely endorsed and alignment optimised
  • More quality in = more quality out, rapid and rigorous analysis
  • More valid content is surfaced – filtered data adding greater value
  • Verified viability – most groups face an average of 61 reasons why their own goals won’t work

Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, Business Leaders, HR Directors, Change Leaders, Sales & Commercial Directors

The forum is held in complete confidence (under Chatham House rules) and will assist you to further innovate, develop, enhance and transform your business.


Please note that your place at this event will be confirmed by Rialto 

Rialto will not normally refuse entry; however, it is our policy to prioritise admission to the attendee profile above

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