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Successfully reinvesting your career assets in a moving market - 84% of Rialto Executive Clients secured their next challenge through recommendation

Outplacement for Senior Executives

Rialto discreetly advise some of the most senior leaders & executives globally. We are problem solvers and strategic advisors. We assist leaders to navigate within the New VUCA World emerging all around us - to successfully manage uncertainty and mitigate both personal and organisational risks on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd horizon market curves.


Rialto executive outplacement & career coaching solutions recognise that successful Senior Executives - Directors, CEO’s & Entrepreneurs increasingly require strategic positioning of their personal brand, valuable connections to open doors and insightful assistance to identify new routes to secure their next challenge.

We are regarded as specialist not standard, direct not distant. We assist in making informed, evidence based decisions creating clarity not complexity.

Rialto partners with Executives who are looking to take on their next challenge but don’t always have the time or space to consider the opportunities that might be open to them or explore how best to raise their profile beyond the immediate requirements of their current/previous roles.

Our discreet Signature programme delivers your future - no matter how long it might take. Our team of career strategists operate in a highly consultative manner, aimed at enhancing each Executive’s brand, value and reputation in target segments. This approach is proven to better facilitate the securing of personal and transition goals. We help each Executive transition to achieve agreed career goals, aspirations and dreams.  The Rialto executive outplacement & career coaching solution is quite unlike anything you may have experienced and is completely customised to each Executive.

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We understand what it takes to operate at CEO, Board and Senior Leader levels.  We also understand how the market for Senior strategic opportunities works.  That is why many of our clients are appointed on their reputation and brand profile through consultation with Rialto, securing their next high impact position, achieving a promotion, increasing their earnings/responsibilities, change career direction, addressing work-life balance issues or capitalising on entrepreneurial trends.

Executives can find it challenging to unlock and ascertain potential options available to them. Our methodology (developed over 20+ years) draws upon extensive research, in-depth insights and the skilled application of high potential profiling and indicates a thorough career risk assessment.  We then shape strategies to avoid or mitigate such risks in order to reduce the potential of future derailment.

We have developed extensive relationships with private, public and search organisations enabling us to identify and provide our clients with the opportunity to secure unadvertised executive and board level positions. We have also assisted clients in developing portfolio careers, securing Non Executive Director positions, starting up new business ventures and shaping investment portfolios.

Upon successful transition we also continue our partnership by providing assimilation and leadership coaching to accelerate development and deliver on key strategic priorities within a new position. Each client situation is different and unique and requires a customised approach. We know what good leaders look like in today's business environment and coupled with our IP can create access to the highest levels of the business community.

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