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Outplacement and Career Transition

When it comes to managing outplacement whether inside or outside of an organisation, the Rialto team have unrivalled expertise to assist you as an organisation, or you as an individual, to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need or wish to be.

We are the only company so confident in delivering your outplacement expectations that we underpin our promise with a money back guarantee.

Rialto is committed to providing the highest quality of outplacement service to both individual and corporate clients and to the development of relationships based upon trust and partnership. The scope of a project or programme, reporting requirements and success criteria are agreed from the start.

Our multi-disciplinary consulting team consists of highly experienced, business-focused specialists who are committed to providing the finest quality of service.

We equip all our outplacement individuals with the knowledge and expertise to secure a successful move forward and assisting them to achieve their deserved career goals. Our programmes are built around you rather than us.A typical Rialto programme map would include:

Making the right selection of an outplacement partner is critical to ensure that the risks inherent in a change programme, involving individuals exiting from an organisation are minimised. Rialto works with you to ensure that those individuals released feel fully supported and your organisation benefits from the following:

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