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The Future of Work is Human

Friday 27th April 2018 - 12pm to 2pm


Much is being written about the future of work and how organisations will, and are being impacted by digitization, automation and new technology. Business leaders are being challenged to operate differently, be more agile and stay one step ahead of the competition, under increasing pressure to make effective decisions with often limited data and resources. These decisions may have profound implications for employees and organisational success and require leaders to navigate complex organisational contexts, to act quickly and deliver results.

In this session, we cast a critical eye over the 'future of work' narrative and encourage attendees to think carefully about managing change, avoiding falling into the trap of following what others are doing and to treat predictions about the future with caution.

Session themes will include:

  • There is no single future of work - given the variety of roles, workplaces and organisations it is misleading to buy into the homogenous view of the future workplace.
  • Change will happen differently in different environments - the pace and nature of change will happen more quickly in some organisations and sectors than others.
  • Predictions about the future should be treated with caution! We're notoriously poor at making accurate predictions, and whilst trends can be interesting, they can be over-simplistic and misleading.
  • Technology may facilitate change, but shouldn't lead it - technology can have huge advantages, but may also have unintended consequences on your employees.
  • How organisations can better manage change - including piloting and evaluating new products, systems or ways of working.

To help business leaders navigate the right path to the future, we will share a practical framework for making more systematic and more effective, evidence-based decisions in the workplace. 

Key Speakers

Dr Richard A MacKinnon, CPsychol Csci  AFBPsS

Richard is chartered occupational psychologist, his passion is in helping individuals and organisations adopt a more evidence-based approach to their decision-making and an appreciation of the benefits that evidence-based practice can bring to the workplace. Put simply, this is about finding out what works, in what way and for whom.

Richard combines his interest into the impact of technology on our wellbeing, productivity and happiness with his practice as an accredited coach and development specialist.

Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, HR Directors, Line Managers, Change Leaders, Senior HR Managers OD Practitioners and Leadership Development Specialists.

The forum is held in complete confidence (under Chatham House rules) and will assist you to further innovate, develop, enhance and transform your business.


Dr. Richard Mackinnon

Insights Director

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