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How Future Proof is your Business?

Wednesday 24th January 2018 - 12pm to 2pm


In 2014 Bryn Jolfsson and Andrew McAffee suggested that amid the bounty delivered by digital technologies 'wrenching change' was expected.

'Professions of all kinds - from lawyers to truck drivers - will be forever upended.  Companies will be forced to transform or die'.

However, despite this warning, the changing nature of market place has become an organisational complaint being a call to action for organisations of all forms.

McKinsey suggests that 'emerging technologies also raise difficult questions about the broader impact of automation on jobs, skills, wages, and the nature of work itself'. 

The GAME has changed ...
The gig economy, distributed work and leadership, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the growing need for different capabilities and experience in business are riased as difficult questions, which will need to be successfully addressed.  Those organisations and leaders who will do so will adapt successfully to the new normal 

and the GAME is now ...
it's fast moving, unpredictable, disruptive, unconventional, counter intuitive and, at times, destructive ....
but how are our business structures, mindsets, values, behaviours and people evolving to respond and take advantage of the 'new normal'?

Join Dr Theresa Simplkin as she provokes deep consideration of the strategies needed to divest post-industrial mindsets and mechanisms and to embrace 'game changing' ways of organising teams for our contemporary business landscape and beyond.

Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, HR Directors, Line Managers, Change Leaders, Senior HR Managers OD Practitioners and Leadership Development Specialists.

The forum is held in complete confidence (under Chatham House rules) and will assist you to further innovate, develop, enhance and transform your business.


Terri Simpkin

Associate Director

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12:15 session commences
14:00 session close

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