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Fast Track Leadership Game Changing Programme

Friday 23rd February 2018 - 12pm to 2pm


This briefing will share current best practice focussed upon identifying, strengthening and developing board and senior level leadership Game-changing capabilities.

Consensus research suggests that leadership effectiveness - especially decision-making capability in an increasingly VUCA and digital world makes a crucial contribution to the success of an organisation.

Join us to find out how this Leadership Team Fast Track Game-Changing Programme (powered by The GC Index®), a new online assessment is truly revolutionising the way organisations assess and develop top leadership talent. Understand the top 4 challenges from recent case studies of identifying and implementing game-changing strategies in senior leadership teams.

"The only assessment to identify your game changers - the talent pool with the potential to change the organisational landscape"

Briefing deliverables:

The briefing will update you on how to identify, nurture, develop and deploy improved senior leadership game-changing capability to leverage (so far) existing or unseen opportunities, and to move more quickly than competitors to adapt and grow within evolving market conditions.

At the end of the briefing delegates will be able to:

  • Identify, profile, focus and better engage and motivate senior level individuals with hidden Game-Changing talent using the research based GC Index
  • Recognise and manage the 'myth of the hero innovator'
  • Build the capability of senior level Game-Changing Teams to increase future success
  • Create 'Safe to fail' cultures and innovation paths

The GC Index® doesn't measure personality type, skills or leadership qualities, instead it profiles impact:  an individual’s preferences when it comes to making a contribution to an organisation, role or project. It focuses on output not level nor the ability to climb the ‘corporate ladder’. 

'Game Changing Leaders are fundamentally different from 'High Potentials' and 'Traditional Leaders' and will not be identified by existing assessments in the market'

Key Speakers

Nathan Ott  
Nathan is co-founder and CEO of The GC Index Ltd is also the author of ‘The DNA of a Game Changer’ and ‘The DNA of a Game-Changing Team’, the only assessment instrument to identify, assess and develop corporate Game Changers regardless of age, gender, race or level.

Dr John Mervyn-Smith - BSc. Dip.Clin.Psych. PhD. CPsychol. AFBPS
Senior Associate Director at Rialto with over 24 years' experience in assessing and coaching Senior Executives and their teams in leading organisations. Dr Mervyn-Smith is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who assesses for selection, step-up potential and development at senior and board level in the public and private sectors.

Who should attend?

C-Level Directors, HR Directors, Line Managers, Change Leaders, Senior HR Managers OD Practitioners and Leadership Development Specialists.

The forum is held in complete confidence (under Chatham House rules) and will assist you to further innovate, develop, enhance and transform your business.

Dr. John Mervyn-Smith Chartered Clinical Psychologist & Senior Rialto Director
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Nathan Ott

CEO of the GC Index

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12:00 arrival
12:15 session commences
14:00 session close

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